Want me to speak at your event?

I’d be honored to be asked to speak at your conference or private event.

I take events seriously and make an effort to be a part of the event rather than hole myself up in a hotel room. If I’m speaking, you can expect me to deliver a talk that will inspire and deliver actionable takeaways to your audience. You can also expect me to be present and mingle with the attendees before, during, and after the event.

My overarching goal is to equip your attendees with a few strategies that, once implemented, will help them pay off the cost of attending your event.

Traveling costs money and time (that I could be spent working on my own business), and while I love to hop around the world and deliver massive amounts of value to conference attendees I expect to be reimbursed. At a minimum, I expect flights, food, and lodging to be covered. I generally am paid an honorarium, with exceptions occasionally for non-profit or community events.

You can record my talk, take photos and distribute as you’d like. I’ll also provide you with my slides and you’re free to make them available to anyone.

What I’ve given talks on in the past

Below is a list of the kind of subjects I’ve spoken on in the past.

  • Starting a successful business
  • How to Automate your business
  • Marketing Automation
  • Achieving profit across multiple bottom lines
  • Automating your business
  • Website personalization
  • Starting or scaling an agency
  • Self-publishing and course creation

A few other tidbits

  • I don’t pitch anything from stage
  • I realize that your attendees are often taking time off from work to attend your conference and are possibly paying their way there, so I understand they want a talk that delivers results — and not just fluff
  • I’ll make it a point to get to know you, your staff, and as many attendees as possible
  • I keep my audience informed about my whereabouts, and you’ll get your event in front of my list

Steps to booking me for your event

  1. Contact me at mark@marktiderman.com with your event info and dates.
  2. We’ll chat over email, but I’ll be asking you to tell me a bit about who will be attending, the size of your event, who else might be speaking, etc. This helps me personalize each talk to the audience I’ll be in front of.
  3. If it all looks good, I’ll get the flights booked. I like to book my own flights (using my credit card), so soon after booking, I’ll want to get reimbursed.
  4. I’ll also announce that I’ll be speaking at your event, to my email list. I’ve segmented my list by location, so I’ll specifically email those local to your event.
  5. You’ll equip me with all the logistical details about your event.
  6. I’ll get to work on putting together a presentation designed specifically for your audience.
  7. I’ll jet over to your city, walk up on stage, and present a highly actionable talk to your audience.